"If the eyes are windows the the soul, The hands are the spirit's expression "

All of our manicures are "Spa" quality. Every manicure includes a hand bath, nail shaping, filing, hot towel, cuticle treatment, massage and polishing of the nail. Our Manicure Menu offers varieties of hand treatments to meet the Specific needs of your hands.


Not so Basic, Classic Manicure - $21 Basically, it's not basic at all, consists of nail shaping and filing, hot towel, cuticle treatment, massage and polish.

Baseline For men - $21 This manicure was created with the specific needs of men in mind, it's a general maintenance service to keep hands healthy and professional (includes buff and shine)



Deluxe Manicure - $25 All the benefits of treatment manicure, plus an exfoliating hand massage to remove dry and dead skin cell revealing new smooth skin.

Paradise tropical Manicure - $30 This exotic treatment starts with a hand bath in fruit soak, It continues with dead sea salt glow, light exfoliations with sloughing scrub (10 different kind of flavor) of your choice. After that a layer of skin softening Shea butter then a paraffin mask and warming mitts are applied. Your hands will be ready for the Hula Dance.


All Manicure over 22 included shoulder massage



Thai Coconut Hand Ritual - $30 This ritual is based upon "MAKPAO" a Thai word for coconut. It is tribute to the simplicity of natural product and rice to nourish the body, Ginger to warm and lemon grass to soothe and uplift, the spirit. The ritual includes a fragrant hand bath, customary manicuring and then an experience of nourshing coconut and rice flour scrub followed by a hand, arm massage with Thai fragrance lotion. This Aroma therapy experience honours the hand.

The Green Tea Therapy Manicure - $30 A hand bath in anti-oxidant Green Tea and herbal leaves start this special service. The hands are then treated to an exfoliating dead sea salt glow scrub and a luxurious massage with, hydrating lotion. After the massage, a layer af Shea butter is applied. Then the hands are dipped in paraffin and wrapped in warm mitts. When your hands emerge, they will be extra soft and young locking.



Milk and Honey Manicure - $30 A healing, hydrating soak of milk and honey, relaxing, massage and warm towel compress give nails that little extra attention they crave! The milk and honey manicure begins with a milk and honey bath followed by a thorough exfoliation. Extra attention is given where your hands need it the most, the nails are polished perfectly.

Lavender Manicure - $30 A Luxury treat for your hand. Hand soaks in fresh lime bath followed by a sugar scrub and lavender mask in hot towels. Warm lavender paraffin is included in this treatment.



Many Thanks Manicure - $35 Take time to say thanks with this seasonal treat. This citrus soak is complemented by spicy hand masque and moisturizing treatment, use the many thanks manicure to given someone a hand!

Strawberry Margarita Manicure - $40 Aloe gel, coconut milk, rose clay mask, there is no better way to make your day then a strawberry margarita manicure. We've got the strawberry, lime, salt, this treatment will have you clapping your hands to island beat!



Hawaiian Wedding Day! Manicure & Pedicure - $85 If a girl's wedding day is most special day her life then this manicure and pedicure treatment are the icing on her cake! Rich with soothing rose petal and oils, revitalizing clove powder, and moisturizing coconut oils, this ultimate treatment for hand, and feet will have you vowing to treat yourself more often. Perfect for wedding parties.



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